A new start. Again. ;)

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After a wee bit of a mishap with reinstalling my server’s OS–which resulted in my blog needing to be rebuilt–decided “screw it, let’s start over.” Luckily for anyone who knows me, there wasn’t that much lost…just a few random posts. And I could have restored them, but it seemed like a good chance to reset things a bit.

What will I do with this “new” blog?

Well, first of all, note the domain name switch. I’m focusing on the imspence.com site rather than the old spencesite.com domain. I’ll use this to chat about my thoughts and opinions divided up into some distinct categories:

  • All Things Tech.  I’m a technogeeknerd at heart–I’ve spent most of my career with elbow deep in emerging technology (IBM alphaWorks, Emerging Technologies, and the launch of the IBM Cloud platform) so I have thoughts. Lots of them.
  • Politics. Yeah, I see the eye-roll. Who needs yet another yammering blog spewing forth about politics. My hope is that I’ll try to at least be fact-based. You have here an unaffiliated socially liberal, fiscally conservative, and generally hard to nail down on the political spectrum guy. One thing I am not: a libertarian. Seriously.
  • Business. Part of almost every job I’ve had has been the task of figuring out market dynamics, business opportunities, and doing some strategic planning. So you’ll get posts with that perspective.
  • Spence’s Pet Projects (but not posts about my dog–that’s next). I’m one of those people who loves to experiment and play around with new stuff. Check out the “About Me” section, and see what two words I use to describe myself. It says it all. Some projects that are ongoing: home renovation, home automation, grilling, and…well, let’s just say there’s a lot more.
  • My Dog. Yep. I’m a dog dad. Maddie is, in short, awesome. Can’t help but love her: she’s a character who had a rough start in life, but I almost guarantee you that her adventures will plant a grin on your face.

Which, really is plenty. I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with everything, but hey, goals. In any case, please note that this is a personal blog site. Nothing I say here represents the opinions, positions, or policies of my employer or anyone, really, but me, myself, and I.

Thanks for readin!


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